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Accident Investigation Schools and Related Courses
Accident Reconstruction
Aircraft Crash Investigation - 20 ACTAR Hours
Basic Accident Investigation
Biomechanics in Accident Reconstruction - 30 ACTAR Hours
Boat Accident Reconstruction
Commercial Accident Reconstruction
Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation, Enforcement & Airbags/Black Box Technology
Forensic Science Issues in Accident Investigations
Low Speed Impact / Occupant Kinematics - 12 ACTAR Hours
Pedestrian Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
Specialized Accident Reconstruction Issues
Technical  Accident Investigation (TCI)
Vehicle Crush / Damage Energy School - 20 ACTAR Hours
Vehicle Dynamics
Patrol, Officer Safety and Investigation Schools
Alcohol Detection and Prosecution (ADAP)
Auto Theft Investigation
Concealed Compartments in Motor Vehicles
Conducting Frisks and Searches (for Dispatchers)
Crime Scene Processing, Evidence Collection and Analysis
Crime Scene: Blood Pattern Evidence and Blood Analysis
Crime Scene: Death Investigation
Crime Scene: Measurements and Sketching
Crime Scene: Technical Advances in Crime Scene Processing
Criminal Patrol / Drug Interdiction
Cultivating Confidential Informants
Dispatcher In-Service
Firearms, Arrest and Self-Defense Tactics (FAST)
Forensic Science Issues in Criminal Investigations
Hotel / Motel and Parcel Interdiction
How to Conduct Missing Child Investigations
Identity Theft
Internal Affairs
Interviews and Interrogations
Testifying in Court
Supervisory and Management Related Courses
Advanced Police Executive and Administrative Leadership (Advanced PEALS)
Coaching and Mentoring the Newly Promoted Sergeant
Ethics in Policing
First Line Supervision and Management
How to Supervise and Manage the Training Function
Human Relations / Conflict Management
Leadership and Ethics
Media Relations
Performance Appraisal, Motivation and Discipline
Police Executive and Administrative Leadership (PEALS)
Preparing New Sgts for their New Jobs (FTO for Supervisors)
Supervision and Management

Legal Issues (CLE) Courses

(CLE) Administrative Law for Police Supervisors
(CLE) Anatomy of a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit
(CLE) Civil Liability
(CLE) DUI and NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
(CLE) DUI / DUS / FRA Issues
(CLE) Laws of Arrest
(CLE) Legal Updates
(CLE) Legal Updates and Risk Management
(CLE) Preparing and Serving Search Warrants & Affidavits
(CLE) Professional Stops, Field Interrogation and Racial Profiling Issues
(CLE) Search and Seizure / Search Warrants
(CLE) Traffic Law
(CLE) Traffic Law Update
Miscellaneous Criminal Justice Courses
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Conducting Employment Background Investigations
Critical Incident Survival - "Bobby Smith Story"
Cultural Awareness, Diversity and Sensitivity
Field Training Officer
Grant Writing
Legal Aspects of Confessions and Miranda
Life After Law Enforcement - "What do I do now?"
Police Instructor School
Police Report Writing
Public Records Law / Records Retention
Radar and Lasar Operations and Certification
Safe & Efficient Traffic Stops, & the new CCW Law
SFST Refresher - one day
Firearms / Tactical Related Courses
Advanced SWAT
Basic SWAT
Firearms Instructor - Weapon Training and Requalification
Precision Tactical Rifle
Revolver Instructor School
Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructor School
Shotgun Instructor Seminar
Tactical Assault Rifle Carbine Instructor Seminar
Tactical Rapelling
Tactical Submachine Gun Instructor

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