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Updated 06/01/24

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On January 11, 1999, the North Coast Polytechnic Institute (NCPI) began operations to provide training to law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies. There is a need within the law enforcement sector to provide EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE, and PROFESSIONAL training that is meaningful and professionally taught. NCPI will bring any of these training programs to your agency. The host agency must locate a training facility to host the school. Discounted rates will be available to the host agency.



CPT Training Info for 2024
Additonal training sites and training dates are in the process of being coordinated with other law enforcement agencies.

ALL SCHOOL FLYER or Universal Registration Form

As all of you know, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council (OPOTC) has required 24 hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) for all Ohio law enforcement officers again in 2024. Eight (8) of the 24 hours of training must be provided in 5 mandatory training topics to include: 2 hours on Legal Updates; 2 hours on Responding to Mental Health Issues; 2 hours on Crisis De-Escalation; 1 hour on Marsy's Law/Victim Rights and 1 hour on NIBIN. The remaining 16 hours can be provided on optional training topics for CPT in 2024. OPOTA is in the process of pre-approving all of the lesson plans. North Coast Polytechnic Institute will be providing 24 hours of CPT training the same as last year: "pick and choose" ($70) per day or 3-day training ($210). Multiple student discounts available: 1-10 students ($70 per day); 11-20 students ($65 per day) and 21 students plus ($60 per day)

Day One - Search and Seizure/Search Warrants (8 hrs of training for the entire day)
Day Two - Team Building and Motivation (3 hrs); Testifying in Court (2 hrs); Officer Safety (3 hrs)
Day Three* - (Mandatory training topics) - Legal Updates (2 hrs); Responding to Mental Health Issues (2 hrs); Crisis Mitigation (2 hrs); Marsy's Law/Victim Rights (1 hr) and NIBIN (1 hr)

CPT Pick and Choose (8 hr sessions - $70)

  • North Olmsted PD: Day #1: Sept 17 and Sept 18; Day #2: Sept 24 and Sept 25; Day #3: Oct 1 and Oct 2
  • Brooklyn PD: Day #1: Oct 3; Day #2: Oct 10; Day #3: Oct 24

CPT 3-Day Consecutive ($210)




  • Director Healy is available for individualized training related to assessment center preparation for officers or supervisors pursuing promotion. Training would include an in-basket exercise, and how to prepare for a group problem solving project, supervisor/subordinate conflict, complaint handling, media relations and oral interview.
  • Director Healy is also available as an expert witness, and can provide insight and expertise in writing expert reports and providing expert testimony in depositions and/or jury trials. Call for more information








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