CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High

This one (1) day seminar is designed to foster an organizational culture that opens an honest dialogue between all employees in order to enhance their commitment to the core values and to improve decision making and morale.  It is also designed to promote an environment of open communication without fear of reprisal regardless of rank, status or position.   This will then reinforce the character and integrity of all departmental employees as they embark on achieving the mission and goals of the organization.  


- The 3 ingredients of crucial conversations – opposing opinions, strong emotions & high stakes
- How people handle crucial conversations                                            
- Categories of people who may be engaged in heated discussions              
- How to develop skills in dealing with conversations regarding pressing problems                                                  
- The power of dialogue & the free flow of communication                             
- The 7 steps in the “dialogue” model                                                  
- Generational differences in crucial conversations                                        
- Characteristics of the different gernerations                                     
- Methods to bridge the generational differences and engage in effective communication